January 2015 Outings Schedule
All area codes are 775 unless otherwise noted.

January 1 (Thursday) 10:00 A.M.
New Year's Day Hike
. Join us for our annual New Year's Day Hike. Designed to accommodate abilities of most hikers and to allow for minor impairments due to overindulgence the night before, we meet at 10 AM and will be going to a location suitable for the weather and conditions. We finish by mid to late afternoon. Greet 2015 with a healthy start. DOK. Leader: David von Seggern (775-303-8461; vonseg1@sbcglobal.net). Co-Leader: Cathy Schmidt (775-240-3785; cathsch256@aol.com). Moderately Easy.

January 1 (Thursday) 8:00 a.m.
New Years Day Hike
. Leaders choice, depending on the presence of snow. Probably off Hwy 50 East or Alt 95 from Silver Springs. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderate.

January 3 (Saturday) 9:00 A.M.
Beginner's Cross-Country Ski
. Beginner's cross-country ski trip in the Mt. Rose Meadows. Learn the basics from other Sierra Club X-C skiers: How to fall down, how to get up, and ski on the flats. Must provide your own equipment. Half-day trip. Bring lunch, water, sun-screen, and warm clothing. ND. Leader: Ridge Walker (853-8055). Moderately Easy.

January 3 (Saturday) 8:00 A.M.
Sawmill in the Desert Day Hike
. If you missed the News Years' Day hike, it's time to 'shake a leg' for 2015. Near Buckland Station, south of Silver Springs, along the lower Carson River [ going upstream ]. About 9 miles in loop; mostly flat. Check on beaver activity. See and ponder the remains of a sawmill in the desert, and then see the current route of the railroad, and it's 100 year old bridge, which services Hawthorn, and hike on a portion of the route of the Carson and Colorado Railroad, circa early 1880's including an original wooden culvert. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderately Easy.

January 5 (Monday) 6:00 P.M.
ExCom Meeting
. Monthly meeting for Great Basin Group ExCom to discuss programs, outings, membership, and other matters at Swill Wine & Coffee. Members welcome to sit in. ND. Leader: Holly Coughlin (775-331-7488). Co-Leader: David von Seggern (775-303-8461). Easy.

January 10 (Saturday) 8:30 a.m.
One Day Technician Amateur
. TECHNICIAN FASTCLASS REVIEW AND LICENSE TESTING, January 10, 2015. No Morse Code Required! Amateur Radio is the top of the pile for back country communication and is commonly used by volunteer groups, off-roaders, hunters and hikers. A network of relay stations "repeaters" enables communication 25-50 miles in most areas with an inexpensive handheld radio. These repeaters are nationwide and available for free use by Hams. Almost everybody passes! Thirty one out of 34 students passed my last class. Advance registration and reading the book ahead of time is required but it's an easy read! Testing is immediately after the class! $35 for the class, $15 additional test fee. It's a 35 Question test at a middle school level so anybody who's willing to study a little can pass. Think "Driver's License Test!" Study Materials, Testing and Signup: Go to http://blackrockdesert.org/ham-radio-class/ for complete class information, study materials, sample tests (try one! Most adults get about 50% with no study!) and to sign up! ND. Leader: David Book KD7YIM (775-843-6443). Easy.

January 10 (Saturday) 9:00 A.M.
Skunk Harbor Snowshoe
. Join us for a snowshoe trek to the scenic harbor and historic house on Lake Tahoe. Trip is about 4 miles RT and has 800-1,000 feet of gain. Parking is limited so we will carpool to the trail head. Bring plenty of water, gear, and clothing for conditions. Bad weather for the day will cancel, but we will reschedule. DL. Leader: Gail Myatt (775-750-1293; gailmyatt@hotmail.com). Co-Leader: Bill Myatt (775-233-3186; bill.myatt@gmail.com). Moderately Easy.

January 17 (Saturday) 8:00 A.M.
El Dorado Canyon Day Hike
. El Dorado Canyon near Dayton. Day hike is about 12 miles on an in and out, with under 900 feet of gain. Riparian habitat with many crossing of small stream. Lunch at the natural archs. Also a small slot canyon to explore on the way out. Enjoy viewing the many and varied rock formations. Learn some history of the area. High clearance vehicle needed or ride share ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderate.

January 18 (Sunday) 9:00 A.M.
Pah Rah Petroglyph Hike
. Day hike in the Dry Lakes basin of the Pah Rah Range east of Sparks. Hoping to find prehistoric petroglyphs and galloping antelopes as on trips gone by. Bring lunch, water, and wear layered clothing. 10 mile RT and 1000 feet of elevation gain. DL. Leader: Ridge Walker (853-8055). Co-Leader: Jeannie Kettler (843-9828). Moderate.

January 24 (Saturday) 9:45 A.M.
Kyburz Meadows Day hike
. This is a fairly easy hike with about 400 feet gain and 5 miles total distance. (Originally written up as a snowshoe, but there is no snow). The historical sites we will visit, include the location of a stage coach stop and hotel, as well as, a basque oven that has been reconstructed at the old sheep camp. We will have a leisurely lunch near the oven. Call for details. Bad weather will post-pone. DOK. Leader: Holly Coughlin (775-331-7488). Co-Leader: Jim Call (775-420-6363; freneticmarmot@gmail.com). Moderately Easy.