January 2012 Outings Schedule
All area codes are 775 unless otherwise noted.

January 1 (Sunday) 10:00 a.m.
Annual New Year's Day Hike
. We'll meet at Riverview Park at the east end of 5th Street in Carson City for our annual blow out the cobwebs/start the New Year right hike. We'll hike along the Mexican Ditch Trail to the Mexican Dam and back. 6 miles level. Depending on conditions you may need snow shoes or crampons. Bring those left over goodies to share. DOK. Leader: Donna Inversin (775-315-6763; d_inversin@yahoo.com). Easy.

January 1 (Sunday) 1:00 PM
Annual New Year's Day Hike
. Meet with fellow revelers to disperse the cobwebs after NYE celebrations and make a fresh start on 2012. We will take a moderately easy hike in the Reno area until sundown. Locale depends on weather conditions. DL. Leader: David von Seggern (775-303-8461; vonseg1@sbcglobal.net). Moderately Easy.

January 2 (Monday) 6:30 - 8:00 P.M.
Ex Com Meeting
. Join us for the Ex Com meeting to be held at Cathy's house. Cathsch256@aol.com for directions. ND. Leader: Cathy Schmidt (Cathsch256@aol.com). Easy.

January 7 (Saturday) 10:00 AM
Beginner's Cross-Country Ski
. Beginner's cross-country ski trip in the Mt. Rose Meadows. Learn the basics from other Sierra Club X-C skiers: How to fall down, how to get up, and ski on the flats. Must provide your own equipment. Half-day trip. Bring lunch, water, sun-screen, and warm clothing. ND. Leader: Ridge Walker (853-8055; edc@unr.edu). Co-Leader: Chuck Oliveira, Gracie Caudill (786-2988; 233-6404). Easy.

January 7 (Saturday) 8:00 A.M.
El Dorado Canyon near Dayton
. We will scale Churchill Butte near Silver Springs, overlooking historic Ft Churchill, and portions of the emigrant wagon route, ancient and modern Lake Lahontan, the Pony Express Trail and the Lincoln Hwy. Learn some history of the area. Day hike of about 9.5 miles, with at least 1,800 feet of gain for the day; all in the first four miles. Portions of hike are off trail with steep descents. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderately Strenuous.

January 12 (Thursday) 9:00 a.m.
Martis Peak Snowshoe
. Join us for this snowshoe to Martis Peak with vistas of Tahoe and the Truckee area. Trip is about 10 miles and has 2,000 feet of gain. Possible chickadees to observe. Learn about the peaks surrounding this area from the fire hut that sits on top of the peak. DL. Leader: Bill Myatt (233-3186). Co-Leader: Gail Myatt (750-1293). Moderately Strenuous.

January 21 (Saturday) 8:00 A.M.
John C Two Enigma
. Discover some history of the area as we visit two features possibly associated with old mining operations. One-way hike of about eight miles with a vehicle shuttle. Elevation gain of about 1,200 feet for the day. Scenic views. Return paralleling part of the Carson River. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderately Strenuous.

January 22 (Sunday) 8:30 a.m.
Prison Hill
. We'll meet at Silver Saddle Ranch where we'll leave 1/2 of the cars. We'll drive the short distance to the north end of Prison Hill. We'll then find the trail that leads to the top of Prison Hill, circle the top, and then head south along the spine of Prison Hill. After lunch we'll drop down the south end of Prison Hill and make our way to the Mexican Dam and then the cars at Silver Saddle Ranch. We'll discuss some of the history of how Prison Hill got it's name and then prison, along with some discussion regarding Carson City's efforts to save this area from development. Approximately 7.5 miles round trip and 1100' gain. DOK. Leader: Donna Inversin (775-315-6763; d_inversin@yahoo.com). Moderate.