March 2011 Outings Schedule
All area codes are 775 unless otherwise noted.

March 5 (Saturday) 9:00-4:00 p.m.
Kyburz/Hennessey Pass Snowshoe
. Snowshoe to a historic area that stagecoaches used as a stop. We will also visit an old "beehive" style oven in the back of the valley where sheepherders used to bake bread. Outing is about 5-6 miles RT and 500 feet of gain. We will have lunch near the oven. Trip depends on enough snow. DOK. Leader: Holly Coughlin (331-7488). Co-Leader: Mike Sullens (331-7488). Moderate.

March 6 (Sunday) 1:00 p.m.
Damonte Ranch Wetlands Walk
. Join us as we walk along southeast Reno's scenic wetlands and learn about our marshland birds. Bring your binoculars! Dogs with leashes OK. Around 4 miles RT. DL. Leader: Valerie Andersen (853-4769; Easy.

March 7 (Monday) 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Ex Com Meeting
. Join us for discussion of local issues, planning for upcoming events and topics pertinent to the group. Call for meeting place and directions. ND. Leader: Cathy Schmidt (323-6316; Easy.

March 10 (Thursday) 7 - 8:30 pm
Annual Membership Mixer
. Join us for our Annual Membership Mixer at the Girl Scout Building, 605 Washington St. in Reno. Bring non-Sierra Club members and receive extra raffle tickets! Mix, mingle and talk with members about outings, conservation and other club activities. This is a great chance to make some new friends, enjoy some snacks and enjoy the benefits of belonging to the Great Basin Group. ND. Leader: Cathy Schmidt (323-6316; Easy.

March 13 (Sunday) 10:00
Easy Spooner Summit Snowshoe
. We'll park in the sledding area of the Spooner Summit sledding area and then snowshoe north and then west around Captain Pomin Rock. 3-5 miles round trip with minimal elevation gain. ND. Leader: Donna Inversin (775-315-6763; Easy.

March 13 (Sunday) 8:00 a.m.
Jumbo Falls Dayhike
. Daylight Saving Time returns. Jumbo Falls near Washoe Lake. Visit elusive Jumbo Falls and the “Post Pile” rock formation. About 12 miles RT with an elevation gain of 2,700 and ups and downs. Mostly on a jeep road with portions on the historic Jumbo Grade. Learn some history of the area. Long day of hiking. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderately Strenuous.

March 17 (Thursday) 5:30 p.m.
Spring Fling River Walk
. Welcome Spring with our first evening conditioning hike. After work, along the Truckee River Walk. Easy hike of about 4 miles, and 50 feet elevation gain. Opportunity to see early-blooming cottonwoods, hawks, falcons, and other wildlife; and learn about the riparian environment. DL. Leader: River Walker (473-1445; Co-Leader: Julie Woodard (473-1445). Easy.

March 20 (Sunday) 8:00 a.m.
McClellan Peak
. First day of Spring. Historic Virginia City flume system on McClellan Peak near Carson City. Day hike. The hike will be along a portion of the route of the circa 1870 wooden box flume which brought water from the Carson Range to Virginia City. About 10 miles with less than 800 feet of gain. Some off trail. High clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle necessary, or possible ride share. Learn some history of the area. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderate.

March 26 (Saturday) 9:00 a.m.
Mt. Davidson CHANGED DUE TO WEATHER: Sawmill in the Desert
. Hike in the desert out from Silver Springs to a unique historic area. About 8 miles and relatively flat. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderately Strenuous.

March 27 (Sunday) 9:00 a.m.
. A nice dayhike in the Pah Rah range south of Pyramid Lake to Gloria's Peak. Trip is about 5-6 miles and 1,000 feet of gain. Watch for antelope and deer. Hike may be rescheduled on website. DOK. Leader: Lucecia Balancio (851-9257; Moderate.

March 27 (Sunday) 9:00 A.M.
. Hike in an area that is not impacted by snow. Outing will be about 8 miles and 1,000 feet of gain possible. Call for more information. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderate.

March 31 (Thursday) 8:30 A.M.
Gloria's Peak
. Desert cross country hike in the Pah Rah range. Great views of Pyramid, numerous juniper trees, and interesting rock formations to enjoy and explore on this 8 mile ramble. Approximately 1,600 feet of elevation gain. DOK. Leader: Lucrecia (851-9279; Moderately Strenuous.