October 2010 Outings Schedule
All area codes are 775 unless otherwise noted.

October 1-3 (Friday-Sunday) TBA
Black Rock Hot Springs Tour
. We'll meet up on Friday evening and head up to the Black Rock Desert for an easy car-camp in the Black Rock Desert. Exact route will depend on playa conditions. We'll probably check out the location of the Burning Man on the way. Learn about the Black Rock Desert. Fall means cooler temps and fewer people. High clearance vehicles, 4WD not required. Sign up after 9/15. DL. Leader: David Book (775-843-6443). Easy.

October 2 (Saturday) 8:45 a.m.
Biz Johnson Mountain Bike
. Bike ride out of Susanville on a great trail from an old railroad bed. Trip is about 25 miles RT with only one small hill and the rest is relatively flat. Scenery is landscaped with pines. Optional stop at the Black Bear Diner afterward for a treat. ND. Leader: Holly Coughlin (331-7488). Co-Leader: Mike Sullens (331-7488). Moderate.

October 2 (Saturday) 9:00 AM
Mount Rose Summit
. Hiking on the northbound Tahoe Rim Trail you will see a nice waterfall within an hour. We will take the spur trail (another hour & a half or so) which rises 700 feet up a steep ravine and then turns right to take us all the way up (another 1,100 ft)to the very top of Mt Rose. Way below us will be various meadows, lower mountains, and several lakes including Tahoe. DOK. Leader: Gary P Hanneman (775-336-7698; gphanneman@charter.net). Co-Leader: Vesna Koracin (775-324-4092). Moderately Strenuous.

October 6 (Wednesday) 5:30 PM
Evening Conditioning Hike
. Short but brisk hike off into what remains of the waning twilight in the Reno-Sparks foothills. 1-2 miles RT with 500 feet elevation gain. Expect to see wildlife and fall colors. DL. Leader: Ridge Walker (473-1445; edc@unr.edu). Co-Leader: Lucrecia Belancio (473-1445). Easy.

October 9-13 (Saturday-Wednesday)
Death Valley digital photography & exploration
. Join retired photographer Graham Stafford on a digital photographic and exploratory journey into Death Valley. Visit Eureka, Mesquite and Ibex Dunes, Dante’s View and Race Track. 4WD high clearance encouraged, but 2WD vehicles with good tires okay. All levels of photographers accepted. Beginners encouraged. Graham will cover basic and advanced areas of digital photography, with individual attention to all. View his work at www.grahamstafford.com. ND. Leader: Graham Stafford (775-686-8478; graham@grahamstafford.com). Easy.

October 9 (Saturday) 8:00 a.m.
Pine Nut Peaks
. The ‘Little Three’; three peaks in the mid 9,000 foot range in one day in the Pine Nut Mountains: Galena Peak, Mt Siegel, and Oreana Peak. These peaks are all on the Great Basin Peak Group list, and are toward the far end of the range. A portion of the hike is off trail with boulder scrambling. High clearance 4 wheel drive vehicles necessary, or ride share. Yes, there may be some ‘Nevada Pin Striping” hazard to the vehicles. Great views. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderately Strenuous.

October 14 (Thursday) 7:00 PM
Great Basin Group Thursday Evening Program
. Great Basin Group 2nd Thur Program Candidate Forum NEW LOCATION Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada 605 Washington St. Reno NV 89503 (Right next to 80 on Washington St.--ample lighted parking) Contact Graham Stafford at 775-686-8478 graham@grahamstafford.com for info Thursday evening 10-14-10 Local Candidate Forum Social time 7:00PM Program begins at 7:30PM Erik Holland will facilitate a panel of local candidates for the Nov election. A list of questions for the candidates is being comprised. Also, there will be a time where the audience will be allowed to question the candidates. This is an important program to attend. Find out how these candidates stand on your favorite issues. BE SURE TO VOTE ND. Leader: Graham Stafford (775-686-8478; graham@grahamstafford.com). Easy.

October 16 (Saturday) 8:00 a.m.
Molybdenite Creek Canyon
. Past the Sonora Pass Junction HWY 395 south this trip has a two hour drive time to the trailhead from Reno. Enjoy a moderately strenuous hike (due to distance) near the creek, large juniper trees, to a wide open canyon with numerous aspen trees and mountain views. Hike distance will be 9 miles with gradual elevation gain. Trip limit 12. DOK. Leader: Julie Woodard (775-530-1566; summitatempter@yahoo.com). Co-Leader: Donna Inversin (775-315-6763; d_inversin@yahoo.com). Moderately Strenuous.

October 16 (Saturday) 8:00 AM
Spooner Summit - Marlette Lake on TRT
. First, we'll hike northward about 4 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail, rising 1,500 feet through the forests east of Lake Tahoe. After we break clear of the trees, we'll then hike another couple miles along a mountainside granite trail with fabulous panoramas of Tahoe, to take our lunch break at a viewpoint high above Marlette Lake, before returning. DOK. Leader: Gary P Hanneman (775-336-7698; gphanneman@charter.net). Co-Leader: Lucrecia Belancio (775-851-9279). Moderately Strenuous.

October 17 (Sunday) 7:30 am
Petroglyphs of Lagomarsino Canyon
. A rugged hike up Long Valley Canyon to the Lagomarsino Petroglyph's site where you will see one of the best site's in Northern Nevada for petroglyphs. Scenic canyon, mostly off-trail, strenuous with a 9 to 10 hour day with 12 miles of hiking. Trip limit 12. DOK. Leader: Pat Kleames (359-5089). Co-Leader: Yvonne Jerome (843-1230). Strenuous.

October 17 (Sunday) 5:30 p.m.
101 Mile/25,000 feet Celebration!
. Come celebrate an incredible year of hiking with the Great Basin Group. Be sure to bring your card to share memories of places we've been. Photos would be great, too. The party will be at Holly's home in east Sparks around 5:30ish. We'll have a pot-luck dinner (hopefully on the deck) and BYOB. Some "fun" prizes for folks who completed their cards. Even if you didn't make the 101 miles or 25,000 feet you're welcome to join us. Please call Holly for directions. Fun! DOK. Leader: Holly Coughlin (331-7488). Easy.

October 17 (Sunday) 8:30 a.m.
Kumiva Peak Dayhike
. This outing is out toward Gerlach, to a peak that "peaked" our interest. Expect over 3,000 feet of elevation and 7 miles RT. Kumiva Peak is a Great Basin Peaks Section Outing. Must be well conditioned. DL. Leader: Holly Coughlin (331-7488). Co-Leader: John Ide (321-525-2050). Moderately Strenuous.

October 20 (Wednesday) 5:30 PM
Penultimate Evening Conditioning Hike
. Short but brisk hike off into what remains of the waning twilight in the Reno-Sparks foothills. 1-2 miles RT and 500 feet elevation gain. Expect to see wildlife and fall colors. DL. Leader: Ridge Walker (473-1445; edc@unr.edu). Easy.

October 23 (Saturday) 8:00 a.m.
Autumn Leaves Along the Lower Carson River
. Buckland Station south of Silver Springs day hike. This nearly 10 mile loop hike on flat ground will start at historic Buckland Station, proceed downstream along the Carson River enjoying the riparian habitat, and Fall leaves. Return will be on a segment of the Pony Express Trail route. Learn some history of the area. $1 per person State Park walk-in fee. Option to tour the remains of Fort Churchill on your own after the hike. ND. Leader: T A Taro (775-530-2935). Moderate.

October 24 (Sunday) 9:00 AM
Duane Bliss Peak (8658')
. Day hike to bag this medium-sized peak off the beaten path, and overlooking Carson City. We'll hike south from Spooner Summit along the TRT for the approach, and the final mile will be a 900 foot ascent cross-country over granitic terrain. Great vistas and lots of trees. 8 miles RT and 1500 ft. elevation gain. DL. Leader: Ridge Walker (853-8055; edc@unr.edu). Co-Leader: Lucrecia Belancio (851-9279). Moderate.

October 30 (Saturday) 8:00 am
Hidden Canyon Dayhike
. A beautiful hike up a little known canyon in the Virginia Mountains to the ridge top over looking Pyramid Lake. All off trail, some climbing on rock, moderately strenuous, 8 miles and over 1,000 feet of gain. DOK. Leader: Pat Kleames (359-5089; patkleames@charter.net). Co-Leader: Doug Cauldwell ( 331-7814). Moderately Strenuous.

October 30 (Saturday) 9:00 a.m.
Dayton to Silver City
. We'll visit the Rock Point Mill site and then head out to find the support sites for the aerial buckets that brought ore to the mill from Silver City. Then we will follow the old wagon road up to the outskirts of Silver City where we find a lovely spot under the pinion pines for lunch. Those who wish to can break off with T.A. for a strenuous climb up to the ridge line and then return to the cars. Otherwise trip is 6 miles RT and 800 feet of gain. ND. Leader: Donna Inversin (775-315-6763; d_inversin@yahoo.com). Co-Leader: T.A. Taro (775-530-2935). Moderately Easy.