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Tahoe Meadows Motorized Recreation
Tahoe Meadows off Mt. Rose Hwy.
Gail Ferrill
Snowmobile recreation still allowed in portions of Tahoe Meadows.  The purchase of Incline Lake property by USFS may allow this issue to be revisited.
Truckee Meadows Flood Coalition
Truckee River flood plain in Reno-Sparks area
Dennis Ghiglieri
This is now in an implementation stage and awaits EIS  from the Corp of Engineers.  Some issues remain however.
Public Lands Bills
Pershing, Washoe, Lyon, Carson City, and other northern Nevada counties
Rose Strickland
Reid and Ensign wish to push lands bills similar to the most recent White Pine Co. bill for remainder of Nevada counties.  Public input will be needed to attain conservation objectives.
Walker Lake
near Hawthorne Nevada
Rose Strickland
Ad hoc deliberative body has disintegrated.  Hawthorne interests may seek judicial remedy to preserve Walker Lake.  Walker River basin water is overallocated.
Peavine Mt.
just outside Reno -- mostly USFS lands
possible annexation of inholding properties on Peavine by city of Reno
Water transfers
Pershing Co. to Fernley
Dennis Ghiglieri
Rose Strickland
Permits have been filed to pump and transfer over 20,000 acre-ft of water from Granite Springs Valley to Fernley.
Sand Mt. Blue Butterfly
Sand Mt., Churchill Co.
David von Seggern
The BLM has been forced to consider putting the blue butterfly, which exists only in this location, on its endangered species list.  Issue on hold until they make a decision.
Trapping near established trails
in and around Reno
Carol Tresner
Carol Tresner has initiated action with NDOW and is looking for an advocate on county commission
regional water planning
Reno, Sparks,and Washoe Co.
Dennis Ghiglieri
Rose Strickland
a bill is in committee in Nevada legislature to create a super water authority for Truckee Meadows area to seek further supplies
open spaces and greenways
Reno, Sparks, and Washoe Co
Valerie Anderson
Tina Nappe
all three government entities have open space plans in various stages.  Not coordinated and little or no actual funding to realize many points of the plans.
N. Washoe Lake Project (USFS)
west of Washoe Lake to the crest of Sierras on east side of Lake Tahoe
Dennis Ghiglieri
Marge Sill
Needs continual vigilance to make sure it’s done right.  New forest management plans do not need NEPA review.
Virginia Mtns.
access points on south and east side of mountains
Holly Coughlin
Need to remind BLM periodically of the off-road vehicle abuse.  Regular cleanups needed.  
Toiyabe-Humboldt Forest Plan revision
Toiyabe-Humboldt National Forest
Marge Sill
The USFS has undertaken to revise the management plan for the T-H national forest.  This is not a NEPA process, and has no normal public input.  
Sustainable Food Consumption
all of northern Nevada
Philip Moore