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Devil's Oven Dayhike
Five of us did the Devil's Oven hike, taking the PCT in from Boreal exit on I-80 and returning via the Warren Lake Trail.
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Lava Beds Ramble
This trip visited the Lava Beds, a misnomer because it is all granite. The highlight is the Elephant Head. For a virtual-reality view of this group portrait, click here. For a VR re-tracing of the hike click here.
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1873 Wooden Box Flume Dayhike
TA led a small group (OK...just Robin & Howard) to sections of the 1873 wooden box flume that brought water from the Sierras to the Comstock. Here's a VR exploration of the site:
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Dogskin Mt.
We hiked in the Dogskin Mountains on a rainy and snowy (depending on elevation) day on March 3. Due to low clouds, we did not get to the peak.
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New Years Day Recovery Hike
These photos were taken on our New Years Day hike on 1/1/2013. We hiked from Terabyte Ct. to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain in SW Reno.

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