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December Snowshoe to Tamarack Peak
From the highest point we could drive in our cars, the 9 of us parked & put on our snowshoes & hiked 1,000 ft still higher right on up the lovely Tamarack Peak. The vistas got better & better as we approached the 9,900 ft summit by way of the eastern ridgeline. Hike leader Gary Hanneman, co-leader Donna Inversin.
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Granite Wall Snowshoe
Through the forest and up the steep backside of the 300 ft high Granite Wall we went. Blue skies & sunshine & windblown fluff snow near the top & vistas of the 3 surrounding mountains made today's snowshoe a winner. Leader Riccardo Bulis, co-leader Gary Hanneman.
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2010 Annual GBG Christmas Party
Everyone had a great evening at this year's get-together at the well-decorated Patagonia. A delicious potluck feast & endless smiles and conversations with both new and old Great Basin Group friends, plus dancing & many, many awards of appreciation for all kinds of activities during 2010 made this a memorable evening. Here are just 36 of the photos taken by Diana Carnielli & Gary Hanneman.
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Marlette Lake from Spooner Summit
Six miles northward along the Tahoe Rim Trail took our 7 hikers slowly and gradually up 1800 ft to reach that fabulous vista above Marlette Lake & Lk Tahoe today. We passed through a region where 100's of tall trees had been shredded in the last year or so by fierce 100+ mph winds. Co-leaders were Gary Hanneman and Lu Belancio.
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Mount Rose Summit
Today we hiked for an hour on the timbered Tahoe Rim Trail around 9,000 ft & then moved onto the well-used spur trail which climbs 'til it's clear above the tree-line. All 8 of us lunched at the rocky summit (at 10,776 ft ... one of the highest points within 50 miles of Reno). Approaching rain clouds chased us down a bit faster than we came up ! Hike leaders were Gary H and Vesna K.
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Fourth of July Lake
The hike was on a blustery, cool Fall day. We had the threat of thundershowers, but really never had rain. We hiked down to Paradise Lake and had a quick lunch as the storm was beginning to look more threatening. Grover Hot Springs felt absolutely wonderful after the hike. Holly led our hike.
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Anderson Peak on the PCT
Hiking southward for 7 miles (14 miles RT) on the high Pacific Crest Trail the 6 of us enjoyed continuous 50-mile vistas all the way to the Sierra Club's Benson Hut & the very rocky Anderson Peak which towered directly above the Hut. In two groups, some ascended the steeper north slope & the others the longer south approach to the peak. A great day! Co-leaders were Lu Belancio & Gary Hanneman.
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Great Basin Group Annual Member's Picnic
We had a really nice time visiting with old friends and eating some great food. The GBG provided burgers grilled by none other than chef Dale Mericle who was ready to "pig out"!
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Ebbett's Pass
Lu lead us along the PCT from Ebbett's Pass toward Pennsylvania Creek. Wondreful rock formations, upper and lower Kinney Lakes, and mountain vistas. Photos by Esta
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Donner Pk-Mt Judah Loop
Early on we scrambled up the granite slabs to enjoy Donner Peak's vantage point above Donner Lake. Then we hiked to nearby Mt Judah's summit. Blue skies gave us spectacular 50-mile vistas. After a stop at the famous Roller Pass on the PCT, we indulged in a 3rd peak -- Mt Lincoln -- for our lunchstop. We finished the day by hiking north several miles on the scenic Pacific Crest Trail. Gary was our hike leader.
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Mt Elwell-Sierra Buttes Overnight Hike
We had a great time visiting all the lakes, seeing all the wildflowers, and getting incredible vistas from the top of each peak. Holly Coughlin and Bill Myatt led this weekend outing.
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Carson Pass wildflowers
Joy Bridgeman and Graham Stafford led a group to view and photograph wildflowers in the Carson Pass area.
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Relay Peak 12-Mile Loop
Starting at 8,900 ft the nine of us passed the Frog Pond where we ascended past several snow banks to summit the Relay Peak Ridge at 10,330 ft. Beautiful blue skies today. After following the scenic Tahoe Rim Trail southward for a number of miles, we used a connector trail to descend to Tahoe Meadows. Gary & Melinda led this hike.
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Church's Pond Loop
The thicker forest and rushing White's Creek were pleasurable as we ascended 2,300 ft up the mountain today. Diverting off the Whites-Jones Loop at its summit we lunched over at Church's Pond, tossing a snowball or two! The Jones Creek descent was sunny and hot, but rapid. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Black Rock Digital Photography
Retired photographer Graham Stafford took 7 people out to the Black Rock Desert to teach them about digital photography and to enjoy the beauty of the playa & desert. It was a weekend car camp from 6-18-10 to 6-20-10
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Tamarack Peak Loop - A Snow-Hike
Lots of fun today in a mix of snowbanks, off-trail earth & rocks, snow-capped mountaintop. From the slushy Frog Pond the 11 of us turned straight up the dry little ridgeline to reach the big rock outcrop & then Tamarack Peak's snowy 9,900 ft summit for the grand vistas of Lake Tahoe 3,700 ft below us. Hike leaders Gary Hanneman & Jim Enos. Pic's by Diana & Gary.
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TRT & South from Tahoe Meadow - A Snow Hike
Following the snow-buried Tahoe Rim Trail as closely as possible, we hiked for ~4 miles total, on snow up to 4-5 ft deep. The 9 of us visited several vista points including both Lake Tahoe & the Ophir Creek drop-off. Chickadees quickly found us. Adult black bear tracks in the snow appeared new this morning. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Rock Point Mill Mountain Hike
Donna Inversin and T A Taro started out with all 24 of us getting insight to the 1800's Rock Point Mill site. The mill was used back then for crushing huge quantities of big rocks to get at the gold & silver contents. Then our hikers divided evenly for Donna's low-altitude and T A's high-altitude mountain hikes. We were richly treated with all kinds of beautiful mountain flowers. Gary took some photos.
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Hidden Canyon
Holly Coughlin & Pat Kleames led 10 of us up this narrow, climbing canyon until we needed a long knotted rope to proceed further. Then we hiked up & up until we reached a splendid vista of Pyramid Lake about 1,800 ft above our start. Photos by Gary.
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Skedaddle Mtns Hike
We hiked in the Skedaddle Range on 5/15/2010, to the east of Honey Lake. The goal was to reach Hot Springs Peak, the high point of the range. Only 4 of the 9 participants were able to get on the peak, and the register showed they were the first in nearly 2 years.
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Mount Petersen Summit
Led by John Ide, the six of us left the sunny trailhead to reach the falling snow at the Mt Petersen summit 2,000 ft higher up in about 2 hours. Burnt sagebrush remnants from last year's fire, new lush green clover-grass with myriad flowers, aspen groves waiting to 'leaf', snow-banks, barren granite boulders were all part of this hike. Photos by Gary H.
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Boulder Field on Ophir Creek
Following the Ophir Creek Trail up from Davis Creek Park, the eight of us hiked high above the rushing water until we reached 1000 ft above the Park. There we followed a skinny trail thru all those huge granite boulders to lunch right alongside Ophir Creek itself. Beautiful blue sky day. Led by Gary Hanneman and Jim Enos.
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Rattler Benchmark- A High Point
T A Taro led 6 of us up ~2100 ft to go over the top of the Flowery Range near Dayton. Following small mountain saddles further northward we lunched on top the highest point (7337 ft) with fabulous views of the entire snow-covered Carson Range maybe 25-35 miles west of us. We found a little snow up there too. Photos by Gary.
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Carson River Canyon
Led by T A Taro the 19 of us reached the Carson River Canyon by hiking in on dirt road & trail. Then we headed upriver for nine (9) miles, hiking along canyon walls, following the old railroad track beds. The numerous & interesting rock walls which held the beds in place were hand-built in the late 1800's. Photos by Gary.
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Relay Ridgeline & Peak Snowshoe
Nine of us snowshoed a new off-trail loop. During this 8-mile outing we reached the 10,000+ feet ridgeline. Blue skies gave us fabulous views across California. Three (plus dachsund) even topped the nearby windy, snowscaped 10,330 ft Relay Peak itself. We descended OFF-trail, partly mountainside & partly through deep snow forests. Leaders Gary Hanneman & John Ide. Photos by Carol-Lynn & Gary.
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First Day of Spring Service Clean-up Trip
Holly led us to a site popular with shooters off Cleanwater Parkway. Beautiful day for a clean-up! Photos by Julie
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Tamarack Peak Ridgeline Snowshoe
Heavy snowfall on the sideslopes within the last few days sent the 9 of us quickly up to an early & high ridgeline just a few hundred yards from the trailhead. Coupled with calm, blue & sunny skies, the deep wind-sculpted snow made our snowshoe ascent to the 9,900 ft peak delightful. Led by Gary Hanneman & Richard Bulis.
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Death Valley Photography
Graham Stafford took 11 people for 5 days into Death Valley. The explored and Graham taught them the technical and artistic aspects of digital photography.
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Ophir Creek Overlook Snowshoe
Snowshoeing gradually upward for 2 hours in the bright sunshine -- through sometimes dense forest & sometimes open mountainside -- we found the off-trail vista point at 700 ft above where Ophir Creek drops from the east end of Tahoe Meadow. Crystalline (crackly?) snow & clouds made our return seem like a different hike altogether. Gary & Yvonne led this winter hike.
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Pig Rock to Monkey Condos
Started out looking ominous but turned into a beautiful day. About 6 miles roundtrip with 1000 feet elevation gain. Hike Leaders: Sharon Marie Wilcox and Valerie Andersen.
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Spooner Summit North on TRT
Northward we went for 5 miles RT. Sometimes near the Tahoe Rim Trail & sometimes just somewhere in the deep fresh snow. Another blue sky day. The happy thirteen of us located a couple rocky promontories with fine vistas of Lake Tahoe, lunching at the last. Richard Bulis & Gary Hanneman were co-leaders. Photos by Diana & Gary.
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Tamarack Palisades Snowshoe
We found sunny, blue skies & deep snow for a memorable snowshoe climb from the mountain highway, up to the broad top of the ~300 ft granite wall a mile & a half away. Of our eleven hikers, several were successfully trying out various types of brand new snowshoes. They all worked in this deep, somewhat crusty snow. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Forestdale Canyon Ski
A fun day of skiing with a motley crew. Around 4-miles roundtrip ski to a pretty canyon with lots of chances to practice our turns. Off Hwy 88. Ridge Walker: Leader Valerie Andersen: Stalwart Sweep

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