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Snowshoe to Tamarack Peak
Deep snow, some blue skies & sunshine, and spectacular vistas made this 4-mile hike a great start for the winter season. The ten of us snow-shoed up & up the eastern ridgeline 'til we reached the 9,900 ft Tamarack summit. Richard showed us his nifty coffee-brewing skills at our lunchstop up there. As always Lk Tahoe was awesome. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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GBG Holiday Party 2009
We had a great 4 hour Holiday party (again) at Patagonia-by-the-Truckee. At least 75-80 members & new friends had some really enjoyable music & great potluck dishes including roasted turkey. There were many happy tables, an award or two given out, & recognition of the year's accomplishments by the Exec Committee & others. Even a little floor space was found for dancing. Here are a few of the many photos taken by Diana C. & Gary H.
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Ophir Creek Overlook
Knee-deep snow inside the tree-line stopped the 12 of us (without snow shoes) from reaching the high Ophir Creek overlook near the TRT, so instead we explored the far end of Tahoe Meadows & discovered another, easier-to-reach, overlook on a hill with big granite boulders -- on the opposite side of the Meadows. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Spooner Summit North on TRT
Eighteen of us ascended 1800 ft through the high forests and granite of the northbound Tahoe Rim Trail. Near freezing with snow on the trail, but exhilarating. A blue sky day. We lunched on high boulders under Snow Valley Peak. Five even hiked an extra mile for the enchanting overlook of Marlette Lake. Hike leader Gary Hanneman, assisted by Jim Enos. Photos by Gary, Miriano & Lorrie.
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Castle Peak & Grubb Hut Loop
Almost no trail at times as the six of us ascended the triple Castle Peak(s). Didn't stop us from exploring that hidden-from-sight 3rd peak. A great, cool, blue-sky day above 9,000 ft. We hiked along the large cliff over to Basin Peak. Then a new off-trail descent to the Pacific Crest Trail & the famous Grubb Hut as we returned on our 13-mile loop hike. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Ft. Sage Mountains
We hiked to State Line Peak which is tallest peak of the Ft. Sage Mountains, east of Doyle CA. The peak is actually on the Nevada side of the border. This is a granite range with many interesteing rock formations. This range is seldom visited by hikers. Spectacular views in all directions.
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Marlette Lake
A beautiful sunny day. Holly & Mike led all 6 of us through miles of golden aspen & pine forests to the historic little rocky point projecting out into Marlette Lake near the south end. A well-built & pleasant trail starting just West of little Spooner Lake.
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Under Mt Houghton's Shadow
Today turned out to be a snow-hike (without snowshoes). The 10 of us left the northbound Tahoe Rim Trail & headed up the steep canyon trail to reach the Mt Rose saddle at ~9600 ft. Windy at places, but we enjoyed a blue sky. Got to explore a bit of the flagged future trail over to Houghton's northern moonscape. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Leavitt Peak
TA Taro, assisted by Martin Mace, led all 10 hikers to the broad black-shale summit of Leavitt Peak, way south of Sonora Pass. It was breathtaking at 11,569 ft above the endless mountain peaks of the Sierra to the south & east. The rugged layered rocks & cliffs & alpine lakes made this hike quite memorable. Great company. Photos by Carol-Lynn & Julie.
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Black Rock Photography
Black Rock photography outing Sept. 25 thru 27. Graham Stafford led a group to the Black Rock for digital photography instruction.
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Mount Rose Summit
Pat Kleames and Doug Cardwell led 8 of us on a great Fall hike to Mt Rose's Summit at 10,776 ft. The weatherman promised strong winds & he told the truth. We followed the Tahoe Rim Trail past the flowing waterfall, then up the canyon we went, and up, up, up thereafter. Spectacular views on top. Gary took photos.
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Christopher's Loop Overlook of Lake Tahoe
Eleven of us hiked up Tunnel Creek Rd 'til we hit the Tahoe Rim Trail & then turned south until we reached the spur to the exceptional Christopher's Loop overlook of Lake Tahoe. A marvelous place, worth all the ~3,400 ft total ascent that we hiked today. Hike leaders, Gary Hanneman and Holly Coughlin.
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West Wing of Relay Peak Loop Hike
On this LOOP version of the West Wing hike, we saw great new vistas & trails for 6 running hours. We crossed Relay Peak's ridgeline-summit at 10,330 ft & kept hiking southward on the Tahoe Rim Trail, visiting the large, rocky knob out on the West Wing for lunch with grandstand-seats to the valley trees 300-400 ft below us. Finally descended near Incline Lake several miles further south. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Devil's Oven Dayhike
Devil's Oven is a small alpine lake north of Castle Peak and east of Basin Peak. There is no trail to it exactly, but it is off the Warren Lake trail. Devil's Oven sits in a basin and can be accessed by scrambling down.
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Granite Wall near Tamarack Lake
After just one mile on the northbound Tahoe Rim Trail toward Mt Rose, we headed off-trail toward the backside of the high granite wall. We scrambled up, over & around some rugged granite rocks to find ourselves on top a long & wide ridge-top 300 ft above the valley floor. Great little spur-hike. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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South on TRT from Tahoe Meadows
Eleven of us followed the Tahoe Rim Trail southward for 5 miles (each way), starting from the Tahoe Meadows trailhead. We explored off-trail at least 6 times to find & enjoy some great vistas, both toward Lk Tahoe & Washoe Lake. Gary Hanneman leader, assisted by Jim Enos. Photos by Carol-Lynn & Diana & Gary.
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Gourmet Hike
Holly led 12 happy campers to Lola Montez Lake where, after swimming, everyone set out their contributions to the FEAST. After eating and relaxing, Holly gathered up almost everyone for additional hike to Upper Lola Montez Lake to burn off the calories and swim some more.
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Summer Dance Party
Good food, amazing venue, great live music, informative programs on keeping Washoe Wild, dancing and commaraderie with awesome people... Great Basin's summer social was held at the Fish Hatchery at Galena Park
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Tamarack Peak Loop
After an hour on the Tahoe Rim Trail to reach the waterfall, we went off-trail & upward to ascend the western sliding slopes of Tamarack. Exciting. At the big rock outcrop, we lunched with a grand vista of Lake Tahoe several thousand ft below. Return was over Tamarack's 9,900 ft summit & down the gentle but long eastern ridgeline. Hike leaders Gary Hanneman & Pat Kleames.
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Lola Montez Lake(s) Hike
Led by Craig Mastos, eighteen of us hiked the up-&-down trail to reach Lower Lola Montez where several swam in the cool water. Then we climbed the granite chute, traversing the white granite terrain up above, to get to Upper Lola Montez lake. Even more swim suits came out for an irresistible swim up there. Views for 30-40 miles? Photos by Carol-Lynn & Gary.
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Tinker's Knob via Coldstream Valley
Ed lead us up the Coldstream Valley through forests of Red Fir, Jeffery Pines, White pines and an abundant blooming trail of wild flowers. The 360 degree views from Tinker's Knob included Lake Tahoe and the headwaters of the American River.
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Graeagle Lodge to Long Lake
We started at the Grey Eagle Lodge passing Hawley Falls and Fern Falls climbing up to beautiful Long Lake. Hike Leaders: Valerie Andersen and GraceC Caudill.
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Relay Peak Snow-Hike
A great day! It snowed during this summer (June) hike, then the sun shone. We scrambled over various snowbanks to get all the way up. All 6 of us enjoyed successfully reaching the summit, which is the highest point (10,330 ft) on the entire Tahoe Rim Trail. Hike leader Gary Hanneman, assisted by Jim Enos.
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Humbug Trail
The Humbug Trail runs along the Humbug Creek into the South Fork of the Yuba River in the Malakoff Diggins State Park. Craig led us through the luscious green forest passed amazing waterfalls and down to the crystal clear Yuba. Mining was prevalent in the area 100 years ago but it was hard to tell hiking along this beautiful trail.
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McKissick Canyon
Howard and Robin lead us up the beautiful McKissick Canyon to the top of Dogskin Mountain. Breathe taking views of Winnemucca Ranch and Tule Peak were our reward.
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Big Mama
Hiked up the canyon to Monkey Condos, then Pat and Gracie lead us off trail up the back side of Big Mama where the views of Pyramid Lake and Anaho Island to the East and the Sierra Nevada's with the Sierra Buttes in the far distance to the west. On the return trip we ran into a paramilitary exercise that we successfully maneuvered through to reach our vehicles.
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Sahwave Day Hike (5/10/2009)
The Sahwave Range is a seldom visited granite range about 40 miles east of Lake Pyramid. It has the possibility of wilderness designation, with spectacular rock formations, small springs, and great views.
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Earth Day Clean Up
Holly led volunteers on a clean up in the hills off Cleanwater Parkway. It was wonderful and amazing to see what a difference we can make.
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Washoe Valley Ramble
We explored a pretty canyon along the Steamboat Creek in No. Washoe Valley then went to East Lake Blvd. for the Deadman's Creek Loop and fabulous vistas. Leaders: Valerie Andersen and Yvonne Jerome
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Tamarack Palisades Snowshoe
A perfect blue-sky day in the snow. Eight of us enjoyed this short (but steep) snow-shoe adventure up the backside of that long high granite wall located between Tamarack Peak & Mt Rose & Mt Houghton. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Jumbo Falls near Washoe Lake
TA Taro with Donna Inversin were hike leaders for this interesting hike past the "post-piles", then lunch at "the top" and then down to the elusive Jumbo Falls. 'Twas a strong 12-mile hike under beautiful skies with very little snow evident. Photos by Gary Hanneman
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Monkey Condos
Leaders Gracie Caudill and Karen Todd
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Mixer Night at Bartley Ranch
There were snacks, coffee, relaxed conversation, new & old acquaintances, attended displays of what the Sierra Club is all about, raffle items, and a fine evening for all at the Second Annual Great Basin Group (GBG) Mixer.
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Tamarack Peak Snowshoe
Eleven of us took our time on the snowshoes & enjoyed a great day way up on Tamarack Peak with sunshine & blue skies & all of Lake Tahoe to view. We followed the ridgeline to the 9,900 ft summit. Heard during the climb in the deep snow: "THIS is what snowshoes are for !" Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Sunday Afternoon RiverWalk
Leaders: David VonSeggern and Gracie Caudill A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, getting to know more about our City history, the railroad and the RIVER
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Galena Beginners Snowshoe
Hike Leaders: Gracie Caudill and Bill Myatt Beginner's and experienced snowshoers mingled expertly together... although the snow was pretty spars in places, there was still lots of laughter and fun
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Incline Lake Snowshoe
Leaders: Wes Hoskins and Valerie Anderson Gail Ferrell from Snowlands gave us good information regarding Incline Lake, then and now
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Spooner Summit North
Our group of snow-shoers explored northbound Tahoe Rim Trail and nearby opportunistic vistas of Lk Tahoe for nearly 4 hours. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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Hungry Mountains
Leaders: Shanel and Gracie
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Pah Rah Ramble
Hike leaders Ed Corbett, Valerie Anderson and Gracie Caudill
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Chickadee Snowshoe
Trip Leaders: Pat Kleames and Yvonne Jerome
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New Year's Day Hike
We took an 8 mile RT hike along the steamboat ditch trail to the "Hole in the Wall." Hike Leaders: David Von Seggern and GraceC Caudill

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