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Tamarack Palisade - Snowshoe
A great little 3 hour adventure, with 11 of us snowshoeing up the backside of the 300 ft high wall of granite (the 'Palisade') located between Tamarack Peak & little Tamarack Lake. Hike leader Gary Hanneman.
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GBG Holiday Party 2008
We had a great holiday party to top off our 2008 season - dancing, music, & great company - at the Patagonia facility in west Reno this year. Some of the pic's snapped during the happy evening follow.
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Post Turkey Day Hike
Lower Thomas Creek Trail to Timberline Dr. and down Lower Whites Creek Trail. Photos by Valerie Andersen.
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Pyramid Lake
Hike Leaders: Pat Kleames and GraceC Caudill. Photos by Marc Duvoisin.
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Eagle Canyon Pre-Hike
Scouting trip for Thanksgiving Day hike with Sierra Club members.
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Castle Peak
Castle Peak and Basin Peak Hike. October 25, 2008. Leaders: Holly Coughlin and Pat Kleames. Photos by Holly, and Mike Sullens.
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Mt. Judah
Mt. Judah hike, October 18, 2008. Hike Leaders: Gracie Caudill and Gary Hanneman. Photos by Gary.
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Azalea and Flora Lakes
Six mile loop hike starting around Boreal Ridge. We passed by 3 beautiful lakes (Angela, Flora & Azalea) and a few pretty ponds. The swimming was divine! Hike leaders: Valerie Andersen and Gracie Caudill.

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