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March Monthly Meeting of the Great Basin Group

Welcome our own ExCom member Roleigh Martin who will present this month on the John Muir Trail.  Roleigh Martin is the lead moderator of the John Muir Trail Yahoo Group (3740+ members), author of numerous documents on the JMT (latest here:  ), and an event organizer for the Great Basin Sierra Club as well as his own meetup group focused on the JMT for Reno and nearby backpackers -- (  ).  He will speak on doing the John Muir Trail, showing some pictures, and discuss how to get a permit since Yosemite has put an exit daily quota on thru-hikers on Donahue Pass (since 2/2/2015).  He has done 7 JMT hikes himself and will be doing his 8th JMT in July 2015.

When: Thursday, March 12, 7:00 PM

Where: Bartley Regional Park, Western Heritage Center, Reno NV

Posted: Mar 04, 2015

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Great Basin rocks, histories, and landscapes are unique.
Nowhere else is the combination or the timing exactly the same.
Nowhere else can these stories be told.

- Bill Fiero, Geology of the Great Basin, University of Nevada Press


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