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Development of Drones at UNR for Environmental Science and Monitoring

Scott Tyler*, Ph.D., will describe the recent development of low -cost and relatively easy -to -fly remote aircraft that offer the possibility of a revolution in environmental sensing.  Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or drones) can survey large areas of the landscape at far lower cost and more safely than traditional manned fixed wing or helicopters.  Repeat measures can be made to assess land change as well as respond to natural disasters.  Advances in sensing systems for land surface temperature, laser elevation mapping and multi-spectral imaging allow researchers to map and monitor key aspects of environmental sciences, ranging from hydrology to wildlife management.  The use of UAS is not without controversy ranging from airspace conflicts to personal privacy issues.  In this talk, we will discuss the current capabilities of UAS, the current state of regulation for their use, the future expected regulatory environment and a discussion of the safety and ethical issues of their widespread use.

*Scott Tyler is a hydrologist at the University of Nevada, Reno but that is understating things a bit. To see the full story, go to
Posted: Sep 03, 2015

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Great Basin rocks, histories, and landscapes are unique.
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Nowhere else can these stories be told.

- Bill Fiero, Geology of the Great Basin, University of Nevada Press


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