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Monthly Meeting of the Great Basin Group

Acclaimed author and professor Laird Blackwell will offer a not-to-be-missed presentation on wildflowers.  He was a professor for 31 years at Sierra Nevada College (retired in 2012) where he was honored five times by the students with their Teacher of the Year award. He has led wildflower field classes in the Sierra Nevada for over 30 years and has written, with his own photos, eight wildflower field guides, including ones for Tahoe, the Eastern Sierra, the Great Basin, Mount Rainier, and the state of California. He enjoys the botanical academic approach — identification, taxonomy, and ecology — but also loves to approach flowers as fellow creatures with fascinating stories to tell.

Posted: Apr 14, 2015

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Great Basin rocks, histories, and landscapes are unique.
Nowhere else is the combination or the timing exactly the same.
Nowhere else can these stories be told.

- Bill Fiero, Geology of the Great Basin, University of Nevada Press


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